How to avoid ‘the dreaded’ ‘pizzagate’

“The best defense against this conspiracy theory is to not believe it,” said attorney Jeffrey Smith.

“I’ve never been one to go to a pizzeria, but I’ve had clients who have gone there.”

A pizzeria is one of many venues where the “pizzapocalypse” theory has become a national trope, as conspiracy theories spread through social media.

In the late 1800s, for example, there were rumors that the Federal Reserve was plotting to abolish the dollar, which eventually led to a series of violent outbreaks.

In 2017, after President Donald Trump’s election, a conspiracy theory emerged that the CIA was trying to manipulate the election by using the media to promote Hillary Clinton.

And last month, a Facebook group, called #Pizzagate, posted a meme featuring a photo of an armed man dressed in a red jacket wielding a rifle.

The image was quickly deleted and later removed, but its message was quickly picked up by social media, with people posting their own versions of it.

“We’re dealing with a phenomenon that is not limited to this country,” Smith said.

“People are trying to exploit it and use it as a tool to spread their agendas.”

And in many cases, those agendas are not about pizzagate, but about the country’s racial and gender divisions.

As such, many social media users are trying their best to make their stories as real as possible.

They post photos of people with guns, and they use their own personal photos and videos of themselves.

They also take to Facebook to post videos of them shooting guns or other weapons.

The problem is, many of those stories are not true.

“The reality is, when you post a photo that says you’ve had a gun, you’ve shot a gun,” Smith added.

“It’s all about the story.”

While social media can help spread fake news, many people are still skeptical about the theory.

“Many of these fake news stories are completely false,” Smith explained.

“A lot of people think they’re just going to be taken down, but it’s not going to happen.”

In an attempt to help educate people about fake news and debunk the idea that the “Pizzapastrophe” is a hoax, the Institute for Communication Studies at Cornell University launched a website,, to try to debunk the “fake news” rumor.

It’s a platform for people to post stories of their own.

But in a statement released Thursday, the website’s director, David Luebke, wrote that the site is not affiliated with the fake news site, nor is it affiliated with any particular political party.

He said that the platform is designed to be “a tool for those who believe that we should be honest and transparent about our political beliefs.”

The website also says that it does not “actively promote fake news or political conspiracy theories,” and that the fact that the information is based on public information or verified facts does not mean that it is not real.

“Fake news is not fake news,” Lue, who has worked in media and journalism for nearly 20 years, said in a release.

“No matter how many times people say that, it is absolutely true.

This is not a hoax.

This website is a tool that anyone can use to report on a particular falsehood.”

Lue added that the goal of the site, which he said has over 1.5 million members, is to “help people make sense of this misinformation.”

And he says that he believes that the public will come to the same conclusions.

“This is a fact,” he said.

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