What you need to know about the Escorts of the Loop

A Chicago escort service that was once one of the top destinations in the United States for women seeking love and romance has closed its doors, according to the Associated Press.

The company that was founded in 1988 was one of only a handful of escort agencies to remain in business after a federal crackdown on brothels.

Now the Chicago Escorts has closed in the wake of a national backlash.

Chicago escort company is no longer operating.

The Chicago Escort’s website says the business was “cancelled due to recent changes in our business model.”

Its Facebook page also shows a photo of the business’s founder, Nancy M. Molloy.

The agency has also closed its Facebook page.

Its website states the agency closed its Chicago operations in March 2017.

The last time Chicago escorts operated was May 2017.

Its Facebook Page shows photos of former clients.

It’s unclear what happened to the company after its Chicago operators closed.

Chicago escort agency closed in May 2017, according, to its Facebook Page.

Former clients of the Chicago escort agency who spoke to the AP say it closed.

Many of the agency’s former clients said they were turned away because they didn’t meet the agency standard for a license.

They said the agency never made the clients feel welcome, and that the escort business was a dangerous place for women.

The AP’s analysis of the escort website found the escort agency’s clients were turned down for license renewal by multiple agencies.

A former escort told the AP she had a history of sexual assault and was forced to leave the business after an abusive relationship.

The Associated Press is not naming the escort because it says her name is protected.

The former escort said the escort services in Chicago, Chicago, and other parts of the U.S. were rife with harassment and exploitation.

The city’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel said last month the city is working to improve the business model and that it was closing the Chicago escorting agency.

The Illinois Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs did not respond to questions about why the Chicago agency closed.

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