The Most Beautiful Escorts in America

This week’s featured escorts have been chosen by New York magazine readers to be the best escorts in the country.

From New York’s most glamorous escorts to those who only offer a single-sex experience, these ladies will bring you the most beautiful, exotic escorts you will ever experience.

We have also included photos from around the world to show you just how special these women can be.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful escorts of 2018: 1.

Danyelle DeGiorgio from Miami, Florida 2.

Tanya McBride from Orlando, Florida 3.

Darya Mokdad from St. Petersburg, Florida 4.

Mandy S. from Nashville, Tennessee 5.

Lauren M. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6.

Kari E. from San Francisco, California 7.

Anna B. from Denver, Colorado 8.

Tiffany L. from Las Vegas, Nevada 9.

Kristin M.B. from Los Angeles, California 10.

Lauren C. from Austin, Texas 1.

Tania from New York City 2.

Ashley from Atlanta 3.

Kate from Los Alamos, New Mexico 4.

Tami from Portland, Oregon 5.

Janna from Houston, Texas 6.

Lola from New Orleans 7.

Kristi from Phoenix 8.

Ashley H. from Phoenix 9.

Miki H.G. from Indianapolis 10.

Kayla L.L. from Minneapolis, Minnesota 1.

Anna from St Louis, Missouri 2.

Brooke from Detroit 3.

Katie from Indianapolis 4.

Kate D. from St Petersburg, FL 5.

Anya from Dallas 6.

Chloe from Las Cruces, NM 7.

Charlotte from Houston 8.

Carla M.C. from Seattle 9.

Lauren from Los Angles, California 9.

Kaylie from Atlanta 10.

Amber from Chicago 1.

Marielle from Orlando 2.

Marisa from St Paul, Minnesota 3.

Annette from San Antonio 4.

Kaylee from Los Altos, CA 5.

Ashley M.S. from Orlando 6.

Brooke C.

S from Los Gatos, California 6.

Marlene from Las Palmas, CA 7.

Amy from New Mexico 8.

Nicole from Chicago 9.

Kelly S.

S to Dallas 10.

Kaya M. to New York 1.

Emily from San Diego 2.

Emily A. from New Jersey 3.

Marissa from New Haven 4.

Kaitlyn B.

S and Katie M.

G from Atlanta 5.

Rachel from Austin 6.

Kristine M. in Houston 7.

Ashley L.

S in Chicago 8.

Sarah L.

C in Las Vegas 9.

Taya M in Chicago 10.

Ashley A. in Los Angeles 1.

Lauren B. in Dallas 2.

Sarah S. in San Francisco 3.

Sarah M.

A in Philadelphia 4.

Katie L.A. in Phoenix 5.

Brooke S.

A to Las Vegas 6.

Kelly M.D. in Minneapolis 7.

Kayden B.

D to Phoenix 8 of 10 Ashley S. to Los Angeles 7.

Liza D.

S, Amber L. to Philadelphia 8.

Kelly L. in Atlanta 9.

Sarah A.

M to Los Angos 10.

Sarah B.

A and Kayla M to New Orleans

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