Why Qatar won’t pay for Syrian refugees

Qatar has insisted that it will not pay for the relocation of thousands of Syrians seeking refuge in its territory, and it has repeatedly refused to give a date for when its authorities would provide them with a safe passage to the West.

But the Qataris have so far refused to take responsibility for the people being resettled in their territory.

That means many of the Syrians will be held captive in a country that refuses to guarantee them a safe life.

Qatari authorities have offered to help Syrians escape from the country by offering a $200 million bond to cover their costs, but Qatar has yet to offer any such guarantee.

The country’s interior ministry has yet said whether the bond will be enough to secure Syrians’ release.

Qatar, which has been under a U.N. arms embargo since the beginning of the conflict in 2011, has refused to accept refugees from other countries.

Qatar has long maintained that it does not have any interest in resettling Syrians.

The United States, which is a close ally of Qatar, is also withholding aid from the impoverished state, saying it does nothing to help those fleeing its own war.

But Washington has said it would provide a $1 billion humanitarian aid package to Qatar if it agreed to help Syrian refugees.

Last month, U.S. President Donald Trump announced plans to send a $110 billion military aid package that includes $150 million to the United Arab Emirates, $100 million to Saudi Arabia and $150 billion in direct military aid to Qatar.

The Qataris, which are also the richest in the region, have long refused to pay for refugees and refugees have not been allowed to enter the Gulf state.

The government has repeatedly blamed a lack of financial support for the refugees’ plight.

Qataris were promised that the money would be used to help the displaced Syrian people in Qatar and elsewhere in the Gulf Cooperation Council, but instead the money has been redirected to their own government coffers, according to Qatari media reports.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement last week calling the refugee crisis a humanitarian issue and said the country was committed to the safety of its citizens.

Qadri al-Qadri, the country’s emir, told the Qatari state-owned Al Arabiya TV that Qatar would not pay the $200-million bond promised by the United States.

He also said that Qatar’s government will not give a single cent of the money it is receiving for its citizens who have fled abroad.

The UAE, meanwhile, has not released the names of the refugees.

In addition to the refugees, about 6,000 others are stranded in Qatari prisons, including about 3,000 people in Qatar’s notorious Abu Dhabi Prison.

Qahtan al-Hajj, the Qahrani leader of the countrys opposition party, told Al Arabia TV that the number of refugees in the prison was growing every day and he was concerned about their safety.

According to the U.K.-based Refugee Council, which helps refugees, Qatar has the world’s largest concentration of refugees of any country.

The group estimates that Qataris account for about 15% of all people displaced in Syria, but that the vast majority of those are Syrians.

While Qatar is the largest sponsor of refugees, other Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Kingdom, have been more generous.

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