The Trump Administration is putting its own spin on the White House’s ‘birther’ controversy

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are facing a new round of criticism from Democrats over a tweet suggesting the president was not born in the United States.

Trump fired back Thursday, accusing Democratic lawmakers of seeking to undermine the presidency of his brother and accusing them of being “sick” and “dishonest.”

Trump accused Democrats of trying to discredit his presidency.

“If they have not yet lost their minds, you will see them on the front pages of major newspapers and on TV screens,” he tweeted.

“If the media has not yet gone into a frenzy, you can expect them on CNN or Fox News or on all the other networks.”

Trump also criticized Democratic lawmakers who are pushing to impeach him.

“The people of this country are tired of it,” he said.

“They are tired and they are angry.

We are tired.

We have had enough.

I have had too much.

We want to move on.”

Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to get Democrats to accept the fact that Trump’s presidency is over, and are seeking to paint the president as the one who is responsible for the chaos.

“It’s a big lie that the President is not president anymore, that he’s not president of the United, that the Senate is not in session, that all of these things,” said Rep. Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., in a conference call with reporters.

“It’s all a big deception and a big fraud.”

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