Dallas Escorts Are Having a Lot of Fun With the ‘F’ in Escorts

The “F” in escort refers to the fact that Dallas Escort and its escort-themed apparel and jewelry are selling out fast.

Dallas Escorting is the third most popular escort agency in the country and they have their own exclusive boutique that offers an array of merchandise.

The company has been in business since 2013, but the brand was born out of the need to cater to the needs of the escorts in the industry.

“The demand for escorts has been growing exponentially, especially among younger ladies who are searching for a more intimate experience,” Dallas Escorter owner, Kelly Lee, told Business Insider.

“We want to help those ladies feel confident and comfortable when they go out to a new venue.”

The company currently offers a variety of women’s outfits, including the popular “F”-inspired gown, the “Faux Faux” and a few others.

“This was a perfect fit for our boutique because of its size and look, but also because it’s a style that we wanted to carry,” Lee said.

The “Fauxtube” dress was a popular item at the boutique, but Lee has had to adjust her line since the launch.

“After a few months, we started to feel a little overwhelmed with demand,” she said.

“Our sales went from one to 10 orders per day and we ended up losing all of our inventory in one weekend.”

She had to turn to a few online stores, including Forever 21, to find inventory that was still available.

“It was a pretty big deal for us because it means that if a customer wanted to try out our dresses or other accessories, we still had stock for them,” Lee added.

Lee has been working with Forever 21 for the past two years to find the perfect dresses for the agency.

“They were always super-kind, so we just went ahead and went to the store,” she told Business Insider.

“I was able to get my inventory down to about 20 dresses in a few hours.”

While Dallas Escorters line is getting bigger and larger, Lee has been getting feedback from customers.

“Some customers are still hesitant about wearing a dress in a black-tie environment,” she explained.

“But I feel like if I put on a little sparkle and make a little show, that can go a long way.”

Lee has also had a few customers tell her that they feel comfortable wearing a pink dress at her boutique.

“That is one of the things that makes Dallas Escorted unique,” Lee told Business Info.

“Most other companies will just ask for something to cover your outfit, but we want to make it feel like we’re the one doing it.”

The Dallas Escripts new logo has become a favorite among customers.

The logo is a mix of an arrow pointing up and down, the letters “D” and “E.”

The business also has an “A” on the top left of their website.

“The Dallas” stands for “All of the Above,” which is the motto of Dallas EscORT.

The company has also launched a new line of high-end dresses, called “Families” which feature a floral design.

The designs are “made with premium materials and handmade with the best in craftsmanship.”

You can see more of DallasEscorts new offerings in the gallery above.

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